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Qatar, Turkiye, Taliban agree on 'key issues' over Kabul airport management

Tripartite Meeting In Doha Agrees On "several Key Issues" Over How To Manage And Operate Kabul's International Airport –– Afghanistan's Main Air Link To The World.

Qatar says the meeting in Doha came as a continuation of previous talks, the latest round of which took place in Kabul last week. (AA)

Qatar, Turkiye, and the Taliban-led interim government in Afghanistan have agreed on "several key issues" over how to manage and operate Kabul's international airport –– the landlocked country's main air link to the world.

"The delegations of the State of Qatar, the Republic of Turkiye and the Afghan caretaker government concluded [on] Thursday in Doha a tripartite meeting on the management and operation of Kabul International Airport," a Qatari Foreign Ministry statement said.

"They agreed on several key issues on how to manage and operate the airport," the ministry added.

The ministry said that the meeting in Doha came as a continuation of previous talks, the latest round of which took place in Kabul last week.

The final round of negotiations will take place next week, it added.

Turkiye, Qatar agreement on airport

Flights were suspended at Afghanistan's main international airport in Kabul after the Taliban took over power last August after the Western-backed government collapsed. 

The US troops destroyed equipment and a radar system at the facility before leaving the country.

In late December 2021, Turkiye and Qatar agreed to jointly operate the Kabul International Airport in Afghanistan.

After talks between committees from both countries, a memorandum of understanding was signed between the Turkish and Qatari companies to operate the airport in collaboration on the basis of equal partnership.

Qatar helped run the airport along with Turkiye after playing a major role in evacuation efforts following the chaotic US withdrawal.

Qatar's role at the Kabul airport has ensured that flights have operated between Doha and Kabul since then, allowing Qatar to become a hub for countries to maintain links to Afghanistan and to meet the Taliban government. 

The United States, United Kingdom, Canada and several other countries have moved their Afghanistan embassies to Qatar.